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+Pallet 110 x 115
+Wooden Frame 120 x 120
+Wooden Pallet 140 x 140
+Pallet 120 x 120
+Pallet 100 x 120
+Wooden Frame 105 x 110
+Wooden Crates


In Tecnoestibas we count with a wide variety of products that fits our clients requirements.

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Estiba tipo EXP de 110x115cms

Exportation type pallet. 110 x 115 cms

This Pallet includes 2 entries for fork lift trucks. Boards in the upper side have a space in between that allows boxes and sacks to be handle properly and allows air entry for product ventilation. Two lateral holes allows content to be lashed using plastic or metallic straps.
Estiba tipo EXP de 110x115cms

Exportation Type Wooden Frame. Manufactured with pine. 120 x 120 cms

This frame, works as a cover lid for different products, but also for piling.
Marco de madera tipo EXP  en  pino 120 x 120 cms

Fine Wood Pallet. 140 x 140 cms

This pallet is used inside plants for internal management. Heavy weight resistant (4 tons).
Estiba fabricada en madera fina 140x140 cms

Exportation and national type pallets. 120 x 120 cms

Manufactured with 4 entries for proper handling with fork lift trucks and lashing with straps.
Estiba tipo EXP y Nacional 120x120 cms

Exportation type pallet. 100 x 120 cms

Manufactured in Pine it counts with 4 entries that allows handling in containers. Boards in the upper side have a space in between for a better product ventilation.
Estiba tipo EXP 100x120 cms

Exportation type Pine Frame. 105 x 110 cms

Product protection frame.
Marco de madera tipo EXP fabricado en pino de 105x110cms

Wooden Crates

Wooden boxes for transportation of merchandises.


Manufactured in wood for winding electric and phone cables.
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